Economic exotic destinations for honeymoon

Organizing a wedding involves large amounts of money and if they also added they should be the best vacation of our lives, precise soar. Only a few weddings can be really cheap without sacrificing the predilection for an exotic destination. However, many destinations are confirmed as romantic as exotic at low cost, and we will show them through these 5 exotic and economic destinations for a honeymoon.

1. Riviera Maya (Mexico)

130 kilometers of romantic options make this tourist giant always recommended for those couples looking disconnection, comfort, beautiful beaches and monuments. It has boutiques seaside hotels, the value of stay ranges from about 80 euros per person, all inclusive resorts to those who do not exceed 1, 000 euros per week between two people. The Riviera Maya is a paradise where you can find such beautiful beaches like Tulum, natural paradises as Cenote Dos Ojos and dotted with fish and corals including dive during a snorkeling or diving areas.

2. Cambodia

Considered one of  the cheapest destinations in Southeast Asia, the least popular Cambodia is ideal for a couple looking for an  exotic getaway, culture and spirituality place. The sunset near the temple of Angkor becomes the quintessence of romanticism, coastal enclaves as Kep Koh Rong or confirms the existence of these lost paradises and markets of the city of Siem Reap defies the senses with its markets and monuments. Most hotels in Cambodia rarely exceed 100 euros per night so … why present those?

3. Jamaica

His condition paradise somewhat apart from the typical options of the Caribbean make Jamaica is the perfect destination for a honeymoon. If you like the Rastafarian culture, this is instead, but if they are looking for are places totally sections, interlocked between palms and magical sunsets overlooking soar options: Ocho Rios, Montego Bay or especially Negril, on the western side of the island. Prices of some resorts boast $ 800 per person for six days and seven nights. They can also opt for smaller hotels hippy chic environment like Jake’s.

4. Tunisia

The exoticism lives closer than we think and Tunisia is the best proof. Away from other conflicts affecting certain areas of the Maghreb, Tunisia is a quiet country rich in cultural options which include archaeological sites such as ancient Carthage, the bustle of the city of Hammamet, charming villages such as Sidi Bou Said and hidden beaches between white houses as Choot Meriam and especially those souths of the island of Djerba. From resorts on the East Coast to romantic riads (typical Maghreb homes and much cheaper) Tunisia can become the  ideal choice for a honeymoon  flavored Thousand and One Nights.

5. Philippines

As an emerging destination and consist of more than 7000 islands, the Philippines became a target of many possibilities. While Boracay is the nerve center of tourism resort beach, islands Bohol and Camiguin are places full of nature in all its splendor, terraced rice fields, clear lakes, and volcanic soils and, above all, even enjoyable paradisiacal beaches for the discerning tourist. From resorts to beach hotels where you can pay even $ 50 per night, the Philippines are the ultimate paradise for honeymooners who want to forget the world.

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These exotic and economic destinations for honeymooners are ideal for those couples who want to enjoy the rest and the beaches on a budget. Destinations to also play other tips: ask yourself paying less for accommodation and is considering the idea of ​​boutique hotels or typical homes rather than large resorts (note that eating in these countries is cheap), watch the price flights and, if you can, try to move and absorb all the surprises that these destinations have reserved for you.