How Encourage Energy Conservation in the Office

Are you a business owner who’s been looking for a way to help preserve the environment while saving a few dollars at the same time? If so, have you ever considered being more energy efficient? If it is something that you’ve thought about, but you’re not quite sure how you can convince your staff to put certain eco-friendly things into practice, this is just the right article for you.

That’s because we’re going to provide you with five proven ways that you can encourage energy conservation in your office below:

Set an example of what it means to be eco-friendly at work.

One of the best ways to encourage people at your place of business to be energy efficient is by actually setting an example of what that means. You can do this by installing automatic faucets, putting recycling bins in your break room and using refurbished equipment. Simple things like this will influence your staff to take note of how important it is to make energy efficient choices.

Send out energy conservation surveys (via email).

If you’re curious to know what your employees think about what it means to conserve energy, one way that you can do that is by sending out some energy conservation surveys a couple of times per year. It can consist of questions like «What do you think we can do at work to use less energy?» and «What do you do at home to reduce your energy costs?» You might be surprised by the great information you’ll get by asking your staff these kinds of questions.

Create an employee handbook with tips on how to be energy efficient.

Do you have an employee handbook that features tips on how to be more energy efficient? If not, this is something that you should definitely consider doing. It can include tips like use paper as little as possible, unplug your computer when leaving for work and open up your blinds instead of using the lamps on your desk.

Purchase certain «green things» for your staff.

If you were to look at an Energy Infographic that consisted of workplace energy conservation data, one of the things that you might notice is that one way those business owners can make their office more energy efficient is by purchasing «green things» for their employees. This would include bags made out of organic cotton to carry their lunch in, plants to put on their desks in order to improve the indoor air quality and snacks for the break room that are packaged in biodegradable materials too.

Provide rewards and incentives for individuals who help to make the office more efficient.

One of the best ways to inspire people to make smart choices when it comes to energy efficiency is to reward them for their efforts. So, if you have people at work who carpool or walk to restaurants during their lunch break or appear to be going above and beyond when it comes to being eco-friendly at work, provide them with incentives and/or rewards that will inspire them to continue with these kinds of habits.

It could be by giving them a day when they can work from home, purchasing a gift card to an organic restaurant or even giving them a discount to purchase a bicycle at a local shop or online. Remember, the more you encourage people to make energy efficient choices, the better it is for your company and the environment as a whole.