How to Properly Maintain Important Relationships

Relationships are the bonds that tie us to life however they are the silent leeches of the majority of our time. Many people don’t consciously realize the amount of time maintaining a relationship costs, however the feeling of being spread out thinner than paper is something that many people know all too well.

Unfortunately there are only twenty-four hours in a day and maintaining relationships, going to work, eating, and sleeping all can make someone wish there was 2x’s as many hours in a day! Relationships with your friends, family, spouse, children, coworkers, and even your animals all take time and gauging how much time to spare with each relationship is crucial.

One of the biggest issues people have is judging how much time they should spend with their family (spouse and children) versus how much time to spend with their friends. Since this common problem affects the vast majority of married and committed couples, here are a few tips on maintaining relationships without leaving some to feel snubbed, left out, or neglected.

1. Foundation – when first starting off relationships setting that relationship on a good foundation is crucial since, in the beginning, the new relationship will require more time. Your friends need to realize this and understand that you are not ignoring them and that just because you are spending time elsewhere doesn’t mean that you aren’t friends. Should a friend constantly demand your time and feel angered when you are busy, then you shouldn’t worry about maintaining that relationship because it will only get worse over time.

2. Family – When someone becomes a parent their world should revolve directly around their children’s and friends need to respect this. Rather than having a rigid and strict friendship that «always» does something every Friday night, being more flexible and relaxed will help strengthen the relationship!

3. Examine your friends – There are always pros and cons to each relationship however when you are already spread out thinner than butter you need to look at which relationships you truly value. Does someone constantly add stress and unnecessary drama in your life without giving you anything good in return? If so then spending any of your precious time on that relationship is foolish.

Maintaining relationships and friendships can be difficult because of the limited time you have! If you have a family and children then your primary concern should be them and your friends should respect your decision – however don’t forget to be flexible because your friends are a great escape and can really help you when you need them the most!