Married Women and Flirting

So what does it mean when you see your wife flirting with other guys out in public? Is it that women looking for affair aspects are more intent on doing things like this or could it be something fairly harmless that even your wife isn’t aware of doing?

Well, most guys should realize that just because your wife may be flirting innocently with other men it doesn’t mean that they have joined some married dating mobile site and are looking for extramarital fun. It could be that she is just friendly towards other guys and what you are seeing as flirting isn’t really that at all.

Think back to when the two of you first hooked up and try to remember whether or not she was this flirty with you. If she was, then it’s probably just the way she is. Besides, have you ever seen a woman that was flirty ever be told no or have to pay full price for things like coffee or snacks? Sometimes, it’s just a way for a woman to feel good about herself, and get that boost of self-confidence that she so desperately needs from time to time.

If you are truly worried about your wife’s flirting, then perhaps you should talk to her about it. Of course, if you go into a conversation like this, you should do your best to not be defensive. That is only going to make her upset and probably end up making her flirt even more just to get on your nerves. You could always do the right thing and try your best to make her feel special every second you are with her. In that way, she will be less likely to flirt, even unintentionally, because she is thinking about you more often.

The main thing to remember is that most women will flirt regardless if they are happy in a relationship or not. It is going to be up to you to determine if there is anything you can do to change it. You know your wife better than anyone else and should be able to figure out if it is innocent flirting or something a bit more serious in nature. But there is no reason to get upset and make a huge scene out of something like this. Just do what you need to in order to handle the situation intelligently.